Rik Reinking
born February 10th 1976

Study of art history and law.

Since 1997 Rik Reinking has been curator of numerous exhibition projects. He supports collectors in the formation of their own collections and as his own art collection with predominantly young positions.

Responsible for:
- Selection of the artists
- Acquisition / support of the artists
- Sale of the art works

Projects (Selection)
1997 Art project in the old Elbe tunnel
2001 Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen „Anstiftung zu einer neuen Wahrnehmung“
2003 Ernst Barlach Museum, Wedel und Ratzeburg: „Dasein“
2004 Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen „66-03-Positionen“
2005 Kunsthalle Kiel: „See History 2005“,
Federkiel-Stiftung Leipzig, Halle 14: „Passion des Sammelns“
2006 Villa Merkel, Esslingen: „Minimal Illusion“
Hamburg: Sculptor@city nord
Prag: „Was wäre ich ohne dich“
2007 Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal: „Still On And Non The Wiser“