"Paris Bar" from the sequence "Affendisco"(monkey disco) (scene 1 out of 3), 2008
Measures: 200 x 300 cm; second edition.

Baldur Burwitz and Artfonds 21 AG arranged an elaborate production of three large-sized photographs (200 x 300 cm) in edition of two prints. The company financed the edition and received one of the prints. The other print was received by the artist.

The photos bear the overall title "Affendisco" (monkey disco). The first subject, shot 2008 in the Paris Bar in Berlin, was shown on the occasion of the first exhibition of Artfonds 21 AG in April 2008 and at the Triennal in Prague afterwards. The second subject will be shortly realized at the Walther König Bookshop in Cologne.

2009 a small version of the photography “Paris Bar” (53 x 80 cm) was produced in an edition of 25 prints.